Remote Fitting

Remote Fitting | Foot Tracing Template | Foot Tracing Guidelines | Foot Measurement Guidelines

Buy From Home With the Right Fit

  • Free shipping Australia-wide for orders of in-stock items over $100
  • Advice and foot-measuring assistance for selection of suitable styles and sizes
  • Information for existing customers on previously purchased footwear
  • Payment by direct deposit if you prefer not to use a credit card over the phone

We can help with style and size choice by phone, web chat or email using the following resources:

Customer Records
f you're an existing customer, we can check the style and size of previous purchases recorded in our system under your name and compare those details with currently available options.

Footbed Measurements
About 80% of our footwear has a full-length removable insole. For those styles, we're happy to measure the length and width of footbeds for footwear in stock so you can compare them with your feet. We can also use templates we have on hand of footbeds for some styles and sizes not currently in stock in case you would like to place a Special Order of shoes from one of our suppliers.

Foot Tracings and Measurements
We're happy to receive foot tracings and measurements of your feet to compare against our shoes. ​For tracings, we prefer that you print out and use our Foot Tracing Template. If you don't have a printer but do have blank A4 paper, use our general Foot Tracing Guidelines instead. If you have no A4 paper, use a tape measure and follow our Foot Measurement Guidelines.