Will the NDIS fund my shoes?

Just Comfort Shoes is not an NDIS service provider. We can sell shoes to NDIS plan management bodies on behalf of clients, but plan managers are responsible for determining whether the purchases are eligible for NDIS funding. For NDIS-related invoicing requests, it is advisable to provide evidence from a relevant health practitioner indicating a need for specialised footwear because of disability. 

Generally, the NDIS can fund podiatry and foot care supports for you if you need them on an ongoing basis and they’re related to your disability. The NDIS will need evidence to support this, such as reports or assessments from a qualified health professional.

You may need equipment to help protect your feet, so that you don’t need as much regular foot care. The NDIS calls this assistive technology. Assistive technology to help manage your foot care needs may include things like:
  • orthoses such as a brace or splint
  • custom made orthoses
  • medical grade footwear. These are shoes which have been modified to include special features like heel lifts, rocker bottom soles, toe skates or flared soles to accommodate the wearing of braces and callipers
  • custom footwear, for example, to accommodate the wearing of splints or braces
  • maintenance and repair of your podiatry related assistive technology.
The NDIS may fund assistive technology if you can give the NDIS evidence that:
  • the assistive technology will reduce your need for other supports – for example, less need for a support worker or podiatrist.
  • you’ll be able to do more things on your own, for example, using specialised shoes will help you go shopping, visit friends or go to school or work.
  • other mainstream health services don’t fund the assistive technology.
  • you need the support directly because of your disability.

You’ll need to give the NDIS evidence from a podiatrist or other appropriately qualified professional that you need the support. The NDIS will use the evidence to work out if the support meets the NDIS funding criteria.

For more information, see the following pages of the NDIS website: