This policy forms part of the Just Comfort Shoes Terms and Conditions.

Competitive Pricing

We invite customers to compare the overall value we offer in terms of price, convenience and service combined: personal service to find a suitable solution, third-party payment arrangements, competitive pricing, free shipping, free 30-day returns, and monetary refunds for returns. Our competitive approach means our prices may change quickly and often. You will receive the price displayed on our website at the time you are invoiced, whether you buy online or in store.

Limitations on Discounts

No discount may be used in conjunction with another discount except for online orders in cases where our website is intentionally configured to allow it. The price of an unpaid invoice may not be reduced by discounts introduced after the invoice is issued.

Seniors' Discount

We offer an in-person seniors' discount of 5% on presentation of a government card that uses the Seniors Card logo (pictured). The seniors' discount may not be used in conjunction with other discounts and applies only for purchases involving presentation of the card in person. If the product itself has a greater discount than the seniors' discount, the greater discount will be applied.

Subscriber-Only Discounts

Subscriber-only discounts are available only to currrent email and postal mail subscribers and only for shoes in stock at our store, and may require the use of a discount code for online purchases or verification of subscriber status for phone and in-person purchases.

Changes to this Policy

This policy may change at any time without notice.