Comfortable Shoes for the Sunshine Coast

We cherry-pick styles from top comfort brands to find shoes for hard-to-fit feet. About 80% of our footwear can take a full-length custom orthotic. Different people have different feet. If it's not comfortable for someone's foot, we don't sell it. We offer fashionable options, but not elegance at the expense of comfort. No high heels, no crushing pointy toe boxes, no shoes with no sole - just comfort shoes, fitted with friendly service for as long as it takes to find the right solution.​

We have been providing the Sunshine Coast and its surrounding areas with comfort and style in quality footwear for more than two decades.

We specialise in stylish, comfortable orthotic-friendly and medical-grade shoes, 
including Medical Grade Footwear for eligible Department of Veterans' Affairs clients. ​Our knowledgeable staff focus on friendly, good old-fashioned service to help ensure you receive a solution with the right features and fit because we know your footwear affects your long-term comfort and health.​

Extra width or depth, arch support, a high or wide toe box, a rocker sole, or particularly soft footbeds or uppers feature in many of our shoes. These suit people with diabetes, bunions, dropped arches, heel or nerve pain, swelling, hammer toes, and various other conditions and foot shapes.

A good number of our shoes have Velcro fastening and open up wide to allow the foot in and out easily. But we have plenty of lace-ups and zip-ups, too.

Another common feature is removable insoles that can be swapped out for three-quarter or full-length orthotics. Some shoes have multiple insoles in full or partial lengths to let you find the best support for your feet. Strong arch support and gel-cushioned heels are also common.

We have low-heel and no-heel sandals, shoes and boots, casual shoes, walkers and slippers, and a number of dress shoe styles.

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