Foot Tracing Template

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Use the following process if you need to send us tracings of your feet to have us recommend a shoe style and size. It requires a printer and A4 paper. ​If you don't have a printer but do have A4 paper, use our general Foot Tracing Guidelines instead. You only need to use one or the other - the Foot Tracing Template OR the Foot Tracing Guidelines. If you can't do either, use our Foot Measurement Guidelines.

Downloading and Printing the Foot Tracing Template

Use the link below to download a PDF of the template. Print it out on two sheets of A4 paper, ensuring you choose "Actual Size" in your printer settings so that the centimetre intervals on the template are actually a centimetre apart on the print-out. We suggest measuring to check.

Download PDF Foot Tracing Template

Tracing Your Feet

​Sit on a chair with your weight distributed as evenly as possible between both feet on a hard floor. Keep your feet pointed directly forwards. For one foot at a time, place the printed page on an angle under your foot to imitate the alignment - not the outlines - of the template foot examples. Note that the thickest line running lengthways (shown in red below) emerges from the foot between the big toe and second toe at the top and from the centre of the heel at the bottom. The line should emerge in the same places from your feet, regardless of their size. Keep a pen or pencil as close as possible to vertical while tracing around each foot.

Sending Us Your Tracings

If possible, use a scanner to create a JPEG, PNG or PDF image of each piece of paper. If you don't have a scanner, please take a clear, well-lit and well-focused photo of the paper from directly above. Send the scans or photos to us as attachments using the form or email address shown on our Contact page. Make sure you mention the purpose of the tracing with your message (eg for a style/size recommendation) and any comments you have about types or style names of footwear that interests you. If naming shoes from our website, be sure to include both the brand and style and, if you have a preference, the colour. For example: "Klouds (brand) Ying (style) Navy" or "Cabello (brand) EG1520 (style) Beige". Colour options are shown within each shoe style's product page.

If you can't send scans of your tracings by email, post the paper copies to Just Comfort Shoes, 155 Brisbane Rd, Mooloolaba QLD 4557.

We look forward to providing you with a footwear recommendation soon.