Payment by an Organisation

If an organisation plans to pay for your shoes, our process is as follows:

1. We write down the shoe brand, style, colour and size for you.

2. You advise your organisation to order the shoes on our website, and let them know whether you plan to pick the shoes up in store or have them mailed out to you.

3. The organisation fills out an online order at, using their organisation name as the customer and your name in the shipping address area, and uses the "Order Notes" in the online shopping cart to provide any additional information necessary to display on a tax invoice, such as an NDIS number where applicable.

4. The organisation places the order, choosing to pay by credit card, or by bank deposit using the bank details displayed on the online order confirmation page.

5. Once payment has cleared, we email a tax invoice to the organisation.

6. We advise you when the shoes are ready to pick up, or mail them to you if the online order requested that we do so.