Digital Signatures

Information for Assessing Health Providers Under the DVA MGF Program

The Department of Veterans' Affairs accepts digital signatures on its Medical Grade Footwear Prescription form (D0688). Just Comfort Shoes signs Section B (Supplier Details) with a digital signature whenever possible. Assessing Health Providers have usually received a printed copy of this section in the shoe box when we send shoes to be issued to clients. If you wish to receive a verifiable digital signature, we can email Section B in PDF format instead of sending a paper copy in the shoe box.

Valid use of a digital signature requires the recipient to consent to the use of a digital signature. In view of this, please know that we accept verifiable digital signatures from Assessing Health Providers on the PDF version of the D0688 form. The signatures may be in the form of an Adobe Digital ID or signature from a service such as SignNow. Also, you may request an inked signature from us instead of a digital one, or may use inked signatures yourself on the form. 

We ask Assessing Health Providers to send us an indication that shoes are acquitted. This may be in the form of a signed copy of the D0688 form Section C (Acquittal). To make digital signing of Section C possible without requiring you to create your own Adobe Digital ID or to have your own subscription to a digital signature service, you can sign and return Section C to us based on our own subscription to SignNow whenever we use SignNow to email you a signing invitation.

For any apparently digitally signed PDF document you receive from us, please ensure that Adobe Reader or SignNow indicates that the signature is valid.

Please only fill in and sign fields as requested, since attempting to edit the document outside this process can interfere with the integrity of the document and cause Adobe PDF signature verification to be removed.

A document intended to be signed but lacking a satisfactory digital signature verification notice in Adobe Reader should be replaced with a version of the document bearing proper verification. Please let us know if you have any problems with documents from us.

We have a documented Risk Assessment for the Use of Digital Signatures and are happy to provide a copy to Assessing Health Providers on request if they have concerns or need clarification of our digital signature usage.