Buy With Confidence

We've introduced new policies to give you good value and help you buy our comfortable shoes with confidence online as well as in store: competitive dynamic pricing, free shipping for all products displayed online, and free returns.

Competitive dynamic pricing

Our new dynamic approach helps ensure our prices stay more competitive more of the time. Prices may change more often than before, but the price on our website at the time you buy will be the price you get, whether you shop online or in store.

Free shipping on all online orders

We now offer free shipping on all orders of products that appear on our website. To facilitate this affordably, some cheaper items may be shipped without a shoe box, and in those cases, no shoe box is required for a return. (Some cheaper items such as slippers and thongs have only a plastic bag rather than a box to begin with.) Check the product descriptions to see which items ship without a box.

One free 30-day return per 60-day period

We now offer free return mailing of a single pair of footwear per 60-day period (counted from the return arrival date) for a refund of the product purchase price. This means we cover the cost of return postage as long as you follow our instructions and the item is returned in the qualifying timeframe and condition. For now, this does require you to have an email address and a printer so that we can send you a mailing label, though we hope to be able to do away with these requiements in the future. For second or further items returned within 60 days of a free return, items can still be eligible for return within 30 days of purchase, but you will need to cover the mailing cost yourself.

Again, to reduce risk to you when buying, we don’t rule out returns  - even free returns - of discounted items unless they are sold in an “as is” condition with defects brought to the attention of the buyer prior to purchase.

Returned items must be in new, unworn, unmarked, unwashed and undamaged condition, including their original product box or packet and any included accessories. You can read the full policy on our website at

Monetary refunds for all eligible returns

For all purchases from April 8 onwards, we've done away with our store-credit-only approach to refunding returns. Even a store credit process creates a risk for buyers. What if we don't have another style or size that suits your feet? Monetary refunds give you more flexible use of your credit.

Refunds of online purchases can take 5-10 days for our ecommerce system plus your bank to process, so instead if you wish, you can opt for store credit in the form of an e-gift voucher which can be issued faster and used on our website or in store to make a replacement purchase from us sooner without temporarily being out of pocket.

Store credits for items returned prior to this new policy will remain available only as store credits rather than monetary refunds, but if you don't already have your credit in the form of an e-gift card, please feel free to request this and we can provide that to give you the freedom to use it for either an online or in-store purchase.

How to Request a Free Return Mailing

Our footwear will soon come with returns information in the box or packet, explaining what information to provide over the phone or through our online returns form. We will then confirm whether you qualify for a free return and provide any prepaid mailing label and packaging instructions that may be relevant. Visit our online returns form at or read our Returns Policy at to see the information we will need.