Store Transfers

This policy forms part of the Just Comfort Shoes Terms and Conditions.
Customers may request transfers of shoes between Just Comfort Shoes stores. Some styles may not be available for transfer due to supplier rules about stock locations. Transfers are limited to two pairs, and are transported by staff. Transfers take an estimated one to two weeks depending on staff movements between stores.
Shoes for transfer are not reserved for customers unless purchased, and may be sold in the meantime. Shoes are stocked at the destination store for the shorter of one week, or until the customer tries them on, or until sold to any other buyer, and are returned to the originating store afterwards if not purchased.
Customers wanting to avoid the risk of a pair being sold should either visit the original store location or reserve the shoes by purchasing them prior to transfer.
This policy may change at any time without notice, and was last updated at 6.22pm AEST on Sunday, December 5, 2021.