Special Orders

This policy forms part of the Just Comfort Shoes Terms and Conditions.

What are Special Orders?

Special Orders involve asking us to source a product from one of our suppliers if we don't have it in stock. Please feel free to make an enquiry through our Contact page or by phone. Once we confirm the product's availability, Special Orders may then be made in store, or by credit card over the phone or by direct deposit. (Note that orders are not placed with our suppliers until after we receive funds.)

The potentially available styles, colours and sizes are limited to those on our Special Order Styles List that are currently available from our usual suppliers under our usual buying arrangements. If we can confirm availability, we will advise of an estimated delivery timeframe and you can place an order. Due to supplier rules, some styles may not be possible to order in to a particular store. The styles, colours and sizes on our list also change from time to time.
Availability, Payment, Discounts, Freight

Special Orders are subject to availability from our suppliers and require full payment up front. No discounts apply to Special Orders other than the Seniors' Discount, where valid. Special Orders can be picked up from the Just Comfort Shoes store where you ordered, or the other store if you make arrangements with us when placing the order. Alternatively, we can mail your order to you for $15.

We aim to check availability wherever possible before taking payment, which can be made in store or by credit card over the phone. Orders are placed with our suppliers periodically.
When placing a Special Order, customers must accept the following:
  • Cancelling a Special Order (or returning shoes purchased by Special Order, which works the same way as a normal return), results in a store credit minus a $10 restocking fee.
  • Orders are placed with the relevant supplier within a week of the customer's payment where possible, but this timing cannot be guaranteed.
  • Due to supplier rules, some styles must be ordered in to a particular store, and some cannot be transferred to the other store.
  • Any delivery timeframe indicated is an estimate only, and delivery by a certain date cannot be guaranteed.
  • Some shoes may become unavailable after payment for reasons such as prior claims by other retailers, stock spoilage, or inventory discrepancies.
  • If shoes are found to be unavailable at the supplier’s warehouse after payment is made, or delivery takes more than two weeks longer than our stated timeframe estimation, customers may cancel and receive a full refund unless they opt to wait until the shoes become available.
  • The customer is responsible for the purchasing decision, including the fit and all other aspects of the shoe’s suitability.
Our Wish List

If a style/size/colour combination you want is not currently in stock and you can't or don't wish to place a Special Order for it, you can ask us to place your details on our Wish List instead to let you know if and when we have your desired shoe in stock. Please note that Wish List records are not orders, and we generally don't hold stock items for customers for more than one business day without a purchase.

Changes to this Policy

This policy may change at any time without notice, and was last updated at 8.14pm AEST on Saturday, June 18, 2022.